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About Us

Chember is a community to instantly find pickup basketball games, get information on the courts, and create or join tournaments

We aspire to develop communities around streetball while promoting health and exercising with convenient SaaS solutions

Chember is here to create an all-inclusive streetball community while easing the process of finding personally tailored streetball games

  • Access to information on courts, players, games and tournaments anytime
  • Easily connecting with the fellow hoopers in a safe environment
  • Setting up competitive environments for streetball
  • Capturing the motivation from personal athletic data and exercise routines

Product Features

Live Court Densities

Easily find the less or more dense courts according to your preferences

Court Details

Instantly get access to court schedule, photos, location and rim, net, lighting, and floor condition

Game Creation

Create player or team vs. team lobbies and easily compete against players around you

Player Profiles

Showcase your strengths to fellow hoopers and connect with them

Tournament Organization

Chember will support tournament organizers in managing street, high school, university, and corporate basketball tournaments

Whether it be our mobile app or upcoming desktop app, admins will be in full control of their tournaments.

Managing tournaments has never been easier with our detailed but convenient tournament settings. Managers can effortlessly connect with team captains, assign game locations and times, keep track of statistics, and assign referees.

Streetball Lockers

Premium Chember users will be able to access our safe and practical lockers next to popular streetball locations

Streetball lockers will further develop our all-inclusive streetball experience with safety cameras

We will also improve our live court density feature with the help of streetball lockers' data

Mobile App Demo

Check out how our app is looking and working so far

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More Features


Evaluate players you played with or against and help them stand out with their strengths


Create or join teams with people you love to play with and take advantage of team features


Compete to increase your number of MVPs and become a top player in your favorite courts


Let your friends and the community know that you are ready to play

Our Team

Alper Kızıloğlu

Milano, IT

Aytuğ Turanlıoğlu

New York, NY

Batu El

New Orleans, LA

Ege Çavuşoğlu

St. Louis, MO

Ömer Ekin

Boston, MA

Bora Demiral

Hanover, NH

Begüm Ortaoğlu

Princeton, NJ

Efecan Bahçıvanoğlu

Milano, IT